Matthew Bosworth

Matthew Bosworth is Director of Cloud and Data Engineering and the Data Protection Officer at EMOTIV, the global leader in contextualized neuroinformatics. At EMOTIV he is responsible for the privacy, security, and availability of one of the world’s largest databases of EEG data. Previously, Mr. Bosworth was Principal Research Software Engineer and a member of the HIPAA Technical Working Group at NeuroPace, where he was responsible for the world’s largest database of ambulatory ECoG recordings. His professional experience includes engineering, management, and entrepreneurship. He has participated in both GDPR and HIPAA implementations. Additionally he has significant experience in firmware development, database architecture, web engineering, and cross-cultural engineering management. He earned his MS in computer engineering at the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems at Carnegie Mellon University, and his BS in computer engineering at Tulane University. In his spare time he enjoys international travel, bicycle touring, and yoga.