Mariela Zirlinger

Mariela Zirlinger has been an editor with Cell Press since 2011, first as a scientific editor and since 2017 as the Editor in Chief of Neuron. Neuron publishes interdisciplinary work in neuroscience, from molecular, to systems-level, including cognitive and theoretical domains. The journal commissions reviews and commentaries to highlight themes, synthesize insights and also serves as a platform to promote discussions at the interface of science and society. Mariela oversees the review process and the Neuron editorial team, and handles manuscript submissions across all areas of neuroscience. Her scientific training is in mouse genetics, behavior, and molecular and developmental neurobiology. Before joining Neuron, Mariela was a postdoc at Harvard. She completed her Ph.D. in Neurobiology at Caltech, after studying Chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.