Lars Klüver

Lars Klüver is director at the Danish Board of Technology Foundation (Fonden Teknologirådet, DBT). He has more than 30 years of experience in technology assessment (TA), foresight and Responsible Research and Innovation. His main focus has been on providing policy advice and solutions to societal challenges through engagement involving representatives from societal groups, such as experts, stakeholders, politicians, citizens, users, etc. The DBT has been a front-runner within policy analysis that involves interactivity and participation, and the toolbox of the DBT includes a wide range of methods, which have been developed or adapted to policy-oriented Technology Assessment by the Board. Lars Klüver has been active in policy analysis and participation research, for example as coordinator of the EUROPTA, CIVISTI, DESSI, PACITA, Engage2020, CIMULACT and ECO2 projects, and he was the initiator of the “World Wide Views” initiative – a global citizen participation method, which has engaged more than 80 countries and is directed towards policymaking across geographic borders. Lars is leading the Stakeholder and Citizen Engagement activities in the Ethics and Society sub-project of the Human Brain Project.