Kyungjin Kim

Kyungjin Kim is the president of the Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI). KBRI is a government-funded research institute that strives to enhance the welfare of citizens and national competence by centralizing research on brain-convergence technologies. Dr. Kim received his Bachelor’s and Master’s at Seoul National University, as well as a doctoral degree for neurobiology at the University of Illinois.

Having served as the head of the Brain Function Exercise and Brain Illness Treatment Research Consortium, a part of the 21st Century Frontier Research & Development Project, Dr. Kim has made large contributions to legislation to encourage neuroscientific research, which has led to the foundation of KBRI. Before his appointment, Dr. Kim was the president of the Korea Brain Society and the president of the Korean Society for Brain and Neural Science. He has published more than 200 papers in domestic and international science journals and received the National Academy of Sciences Award in 2011.