Karen Rommelfanger

Dr. Karen S. Rommelfanger is a neurotech ethicist and strategist. She received her PhD in neuroscience and received postdoctoral training in neuroscience and neuroethics. Her lab, the Neuroethics and Neurotech Innovation Collaboratory explores how evolving neuroscience and neurotechnologies challenge societal definitions of disease and medicine, cross-cultural neuroethics, and cross-sectoral neuroethics implementation. Dr. Rommelfanger is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the Neuroethics Program Director at Emory University’s Center for Ethics, and Senior Associate Editor at the American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience and on the first neuroethicist to be called to the editorial advisory board of Neuron. She is dedicated to cross-cultural work in neuroethics serving as ethicist to the China-India Mental Health Alliance and is co-chair of the Global Neuroethics Workgroup of the International Brain Initiative. She is an appointed member to the NIH BRAIN Initiative Neuroethics Working Group and served as ambassador to the EU Human Brain Project’s Ethics Advisory Board. As a Neuroethics Subgroup member of the Advisory Committee to the Director at NIH, she helped design a neuroethics roadmap for BRAIN 2025. She is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Disruptive Technology for Mental Health. A key part of her work is fostering communication and engagement across multiple stakeholders in neuroscience. Facilitating community conversations, she edits the largest international online neuroethics discussion forum The Neuroethics Blog and she is a frequent contributor and commentator in popular media such as The New York Times, NPR, and The Huffington Post.

Lab URL: https://neuroethicslab.com

University URL: https://ethics.emory.edu/who-we-are/our-people/faculty/core/rommelfanger-karen.html