Karen Herrera-Ferrá

Karen Herrera-Ferrá works as a mental health clinician in a private hospital in Mexico and founded the Mexican Association of Neuroethics (www.neuroeticamexico.org). She is also an Associate Faculty at the Neuroethics Studies Program at the Pellegrino Center for Clinical at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

On 2016 she developed a project to formally introduce and develop neuroethics in her country according to the neuroscientific and neurotechnological demands of Mexico and globally. Her research focuses on global and cross-cultural neuroethics, a topic yet evermore needed given the relative international ubiquity of neuroscience and neurotechnology and its influence in and across dimensions of mental health and society. Her work studies proactive efforts in developing countries such as Mexico, to include specific domestic medical and ethnological variables (i.e. recognition of indigenous and refugees’ needs, values, philosophies, beliefs and traditions that might shape perceptions of self, others and the world), needed to understand attitudes towards the use -or non use- of neuroscience and neurotechnology in medicine, public mental health and for occupational and life style applications.