Jie Yin

Dr. Jie Yin is currently an associate professor at School of Philosophy, Fudan University. She is an interdisciplinary researcher working on bioethics, philosophy of medicine and Kant. She was trained in both medical school (Fudan University) and philosophy department (Fudan University, SUNY Albany). After graduating from SUNY Albany with her PhD in philosophy, she worked as a faculty in both department of philosophy and department of medical humanities at Southeast University (Nanjing, China), where she taught philosophy majors as well as medical students. She has won several teaching awards and was the principal investigator of a few research projects on bioethics, including a national-level grant on just health. Dr. Yin was awarded scholarship for attending international bioethics symposium by Kennedy Institute of Ethics (Georgetown University), and was invited by several research universities to give talks on bioethics, including Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, etc. She was the vice chair and associate professor at the department of philosophy (Southeast University) before she accepted the job offer at Fudan University. Dr. Yin has published articles and a book in Chinese on the themes of bioethics, analytic philosophy and Kant, and she also regularly teaches philosophy of nursing for nursing PhD students at eight top medical universities in China. She worked at two think tanks for Jiangsu Provincial Government and is now serving as consultant in several national-level interdisciplinary research projects regarding, broadly construed, science and technology related ethical issues. Dr. Yin is now working on a paper on philosophy of psychiatry while teaching a grad course on neuroethics and an undergrad course on Kant’s moral philosophy.