Hagop Sarkissian

Hagop Sarkissian is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the City University of New York, Baruch College, and CUNY Graduate Center. His research is located at the intersection of cognitive science, ethics, and classical Chinese philosophy: he draws insights from the cognitive and behavioral sciences to explore topics in moral psychology, agency, and the status of morality, with an eye toward seeing how culture shapes cognition in these domains. In addition to drawing from the empirical sciences, he also uses the tools of experimental psychology in some of his research. He has authored or co-authored papers in these areas for journals such as The Annual Review of Psychology, Philosophical Studies, Philosopher’s Imprint, Mind & Language, Cognitive Science, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Religion, Brain, and Behavior, Philosophy Compass, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, History of Philosophy Quarterly, and The Journal of Chinese Philosophy, as well as numerous anthologies. He is also the co-editor for Advances in Experimental Moral Psychology (Bloomsbury 2014) and The Oneness Hypothesis: Beyond the Boundary of Self (Columbia, forthcoming). Sarkissian holds a B.A. (Philosophy and East Asian Studies) and M.A. (East Asian Studies) from the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. (Philosophy) from Duke University. His work has been translated into Chinese and Korean.