Felicity Callard

Felicity Callard is Professor of Social Science for Medical Humanities at Durham University (Department of Geography and Centre for Medical Humanities). In September, 2017, she joined Birkbeck, University of London as Professor of Social Research (and Director of the interdisciplinary Institute for Social Research). Her research focuses on the intertwinements of psychiatry, psychology, the neurosciences and the social sciences in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. She is currently researching mind-wandering and daydreaming — conceptually, empirically, and historically — across the social sciences and neurosciences. 
From 2014–16, she directed Hubbub (the first interdisciplinary residency of The Hub at Wellcome Collection, London), leading a team of social scientists, cognitive neuroscientists, humanities scholars and artists in investigations of rest (including resting state fMRI) and its opposites. She is co-author of Rethinking Interdisciplinarity across the Social Sciences and Neurosciences (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), and Editor-in-Chief of the journal History of the Human Sciences. She also has a strong interest in mental health policy as well as practice: she was Chair of the Board of the international NGO Validity (previously named the Mental Disability Advocacy Centre); chairs the governance committee of the Clinical Records Interactive Search (which is believed to be the largest anonymized database of mental health records in Europe); and is the ethics advisor for RADAR-CNS, a collaborative research programme on the potential of wearable devices to help prevent and treat depression, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.