Arleen Salles

Dr. Arleen Salles  is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Research Ethics and Bioethics, Uppsala University, Sweden, and task leader and research collaborator in the Ethics and Society subproject (SP12) of the EU-flagship Human Brain Project. She is the Director of the Neuroethics Program at Centro de Investigaciones Filosoficas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and member of the organizing committee of the Global Neuroethics Summit series.  She works on a wide range of neuroethical topics, from the nature of the field and the development of a culturally aware neuroethics, to conceptual issues in neurosurgery for psychiatric disorders, neuroimaging and privacy concerns, and ethical and conceptual issues in artificial intelligence. She is currently working on a conceptual analysis of human identity and the self, and the debate over the potential impact of neurotechnologies on human nature.

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