Allyson Bennett

Allyson J. Bennett is a Professor of Psychology and Faculty Director of the Animal Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research centers on how the interplay between early environments, experiences, and genes contributes to individual variation in psychological and physical health across the lifespan. Professor Bennett takes a comparative approach to understand how aspects of physical and social environments affect biobehavioral development. She is particularly focused on applying psychological theory and empirical evidence to inform evolving standards for animal welfare and to support scientific progress. Her expertise in psychological science, coupled with a commitment to science education allow her to contribute to public dialogue and collaboration with diverse stakeholders in evolving standards for humane and responsible research to promote health for people and nonhuman animals. Professor Bennett is a senior editor for the international advocacy group Speaking of Research, co-chair of Supporting Truth about Animal Research, member of the board of trustees for the Scientist’s Center for Animal Welfare, and past president of Division 6 of the American Psychological Association.