Travel Information

24 September 2019
IBRO Neuroethics Luncheon (optional)
Arrival & Welcome Dinner

25 September 2019
Day Excursion to Geyongju City
Dinner & Engagement Exercise

26 September 2019
Full Meeting Day
Goals, Challenges, and Opportunities for Neuroethics Engagement
Global Brain Projects: What’s happening in the world of neuroethics engagement

27 September 2019
Full Meeting Day
Panels of priority neuroethics topics for engagement
Workshop on engagement strategies to address hot topics

The Global Neuroethics Summit will be held at Hotel Inter-burgo EXCO. Hotel (4 days) and airfare (Economy class) will be reimbursed, and most meals will be provided at the Summit.

Please plan your flight to arrive on 24 September so you can join us for dinner, and to leave on 28 September (the meeting will end late in the evening of the 27th). Flights will be reimbursed for up to $1500 if traveling from outside of Asia and up to $500 if traveling within Asia. Please note that we can only reimburse non-refundable, economy fares and will not reimburse any premium charges. If you have a medical situation requiring any extra accommodations, please contact us before booking your flight.

Remember that receipts showing proof of payment will be required. Please email to, by October 15, 2019. Information for reimbursements can be found here.

Once arriving at the airport, it is recommended that you exchange a small sum for South Korean currency. ₩40,000 should be more than enough for a meal and taxi fare from Daegu International Airport to the hotel.

The currency in South Korea is the Won (₩; KRW). You may access an online currency converter here. (


The Hotel Interburgo EXCO is approximately 10-15 minutes from Daegu International Airport.  It will be simplest and realtively cheap to take a taxi (~₩4,500). In South Korea, a taxi is available for passengers when the light on the top of the taxi is turned on. After signaling a tax, show the driver the address in Korean (see below).  Most taxis will accept credit cards though cash may still be preferred if under ₩10,000. Tipping is not customary, and ensure you ask for a receipt.

When you check-in, the hotel will have your name and request a card for incidentals. The hotel room for 4 nights is covered.

Hotel Interburgo EXCO
호텔인터불고 엑스코

80 Yutongdanji-ro, Sangyeok-dong, Buk-go
Daegu, South Korea
대구광역시 북구 유통단지로 80

(+82) 53-3800-114

The IBRO 2019 website has additional transportation information, with detailed routes between various airports in South Korea as well as ground transportation.