Global Neuroethics Summit 2019

Daegu, South Korea | September 24-27, 2019
A Year of Engagement toward Initiating a Lifetime of Practice

The Global Neuroethics Summit is the annual product of the Neuroethics Workgroup (WG) of the International Brain Initiative (IBI). The Summit pursues varying strategies for addressing the societal and ethical implications of emerging neuroscience and neurotechnologies. As neuroscience is now a global endeavor, neuroethics must be equally prepared to address global values.

The magnitude of this project is greater than we initially imagined. Science engagement as a field is relatively new, neuroethics is still relatively new, and both fields are continuing to define themselves. Also, both groups are very heterogeneous with a wide variety of disciplinary training and perspectives.  Intersecting the two fields requires tackling many of the tensions inherent in the respective fields of engagement and neuroethics, and even more ambitious is finding the most fruitful points of intersection for neuroethics and engagement. This is exciting! We have the opportunity to not only enrich neuroethics discourse in ways that are rarely done as well as serve as a powerful exemplar for science engagement through this context of neuroscience and ethics.

In September, we aim to expand and advance this project in the following projects and produce a manuscript that establish foundations to design innovative engagement projects within the IBI and beyond. The meeting will be designed around discussing and providing feedback on the draft as well as a workshop on engagement design. By the end of the meeting we will have a clear articulation of goals, methodologies, and audiences for engaging neuroethics using the NeQN topics as a point of departure. This will plant the seed for future engagement projects to be integrated into the IBI and other neuroscience projects. We hope that this year’s project Global Neuroethics project with the IBI will serve as an exemplar and roadmap for ethics integration in science engagement activities.

This effort is a critical part of the transformation and growth of the fields of engagement, neuroethics, and neuroscience and especially timely given the momentum of the International Brain Initiative. Thank you for your partnership in moving both neuroethics and in turn neuroscience forward on a global level.


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