Global Neuroethics Summit 2020-2021

Legacy planning for sustainable global neuroethics in the IBI and Beyond

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This year the GN will address challenges that must be met in order to have effective integration:

  1. Articulation of how the term neuroethics is being understood and operationalized (e.g. philosophical, bioethical, which can have significant impact on acceptance of the utility of neuroethics)
  2. A needs assessment to inform the construction of a “cross-cultural” neuroethics navigator tool (such as a cross-cultural framework that can empower communities to  address the NeQN). The GN plans a systematic exploration through closed and public webinars (oriented around the AJOBN special issue and findings from our engagement efforts) and empirical neuroethics research. Completion of these efforts are aimed toward designing an IBI legacy of global neuroethics integration tools.

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